Based on the keenness of Salem Bin Ahmed Bin Yamani Bin Mahfouz and Sons Co. Ltd. for the continuous development within the company, and in order to keep pace with modern methods of building internal capabilities and implementing international quality systems, the company’s top management has decided to adhere to the following:


      1. Commitment to implementing and reviewing the quality management system for all company operations and activities, including all products and services provided.
      2. Developing processes to support quality and provide services at the highest level of performance and effectiveness.
      3. Establishing an effective system to meet customer needs, measure satisfaction, and continuously develop it.
      4. Quality management is understood by them, and that all of them can implement their responsibilities effectively.
      5. Qualifying and developing the skills of the company’s employees with specialized training programs to ensure that they meet the requirements of the system.
      6. Apply continuous development standards in operations and measure performance for business development.
      7. Set quality goals and follow-up and review them periodically
      8. Working in a team spirit and developing the skills of workers through continuous training.
      9. Periodic review and follow-up of various operations to ensure the quality of the services provided.


For this reason, the company has committed itself to setting quality objectives and a policy of continuous development through which it can reach the provision of high-quality services to the beneficiaries in a manner that meets their aspirations and considers the local laws and regulations in this field. It is also committed to publishing and achieving this policy and communicating it to all the employees of the company. Everyone must adhere to their application, as part of the quality assurance system applied in the company and to meet all the requirements of the international quality system ISO 9001: 2015