Steel Products

Bin Yamani Company is considered one of the largest distributors of reinforcement steel steel in the Kingdom, whether locally manufactured or imported, to meet the needs of the market and satisfy its customers at the best prices and Saudi Standard Specifications.

ASTM A615 GR60

Reinforcement steel


The company also has various sizes of plain wire rod, steel in coil, reinforcement steel steel, and black epoxy-coated reinforcement steel.

Reinforcement steel 


Chemical Specifications:
Grade 60 – ASTM A615, Grade 75 – ASTM A615, Seismic – ASTM A706 Physical Specifications:
Diameter 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 25,28, 32, 40 mm

Steel in coil


Chemical Specifications
Grade 60 – ASTM A615, Grade 75 – ASTM A615
8, 10, 12, 14,16mm

Cut & Bend Services for reinforcement steel 

Bin Yamani Company provides cut & bend services for steel, according to the sizes and dimensions required from customers, ranging from 8 mm to 40 mm.

Advantages of cut & bend work:

  • – Provides all sizes of steel upon request.
  • – Cutting, bending, and forming steel according to the standard standards and according to the plans to speed up and facilitate the installation work on site.
  • – Control and reduce off cut.
  • – Reducing the number of manpower on the site.
  • – Enabling the optimal use of the spaces available on the sites.
  • – Significant saving of time.

Wire mesh

Bin Yamani Company has wire mesh that are automatically produced using resistant welding to ensure strong joints. Our factory is equipped with the best machines to enable producing high quality products. We also carry out quality checks throughout the manufacturing process to ensure that the best products are available to customers. Floor Grid is a reinforcing mesh made of shear resistant joints produced by electrical resistance spot welding.

Features of wire mesh: 

Converting technical design schemes from steel to mesh.

Excellent quality control.

The distances between the bars are controlled.

Eliminate human error caused by manual production.

Fast response to standard sizes.

On time delivery.

Save up to six times of manpower and time.

Pay only for what you need and save storage space.

Welded wire mesh is manufactured to meet standard BS4483 & DIN488 & ASTM A185 & 497

Epoxy coated Reinforcement Steel

We produce epoxy coated steel bars of sizes from 8-40 mm. The epoxy coated bars is designed to increase the life of reinforcing bars in concrete structures.

Features of epoxy coated steel:

  • – Protection – The epoxy coated layer is designed to protect the steel from rust and corrosion.
  • – Environmentally friendly materials, unlike many paints, the epoxy layer used to insulate reinforcing steel bars does not contain solutions or substances that are hazardous to the environment.
  • – Epoxy coated bars are manufactured according to standard ASTM A775.

Commercial Steel

The company has sufficient capabilities to meet the needs of its customers from commercial steel from imports & exports sources. These products include Cold Rolled Round Pipes, Galvanized Iron Sheets, steel sheets of all sizes, steel Angles .